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Shortly after you’ve completed the autumn harvest can be the perfect time to exhale, congratulate yourself and your team for the immense task you’ve successfully completed and review the season that has just concluded. With all the events still fresh in your memory, it’s the ideal moment to take stock of what worked, your response to what came up unexpectedly and what you’ll do differently next season. It’s a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at your data and see what it’s telling you so you can make evidence-based, data-driven management decisions that will serve your team and your company better.

Involving your full team ensures you are hearing insights and perspectives from every level and area of the company: front-of-the-house (tasting room), heart-of-the-house (operations), the field (vineyard operations), admin offices – everyone!

Whether you choose to do your debrief on the season in the fall, during the wintertime or even in early spring, Beyond the Wine can support you by facilitating your session, in person or online. Taking advantage of an external facilitator allows all team members to fully participate.

We know how to dig deep into the issues, ask the tough questions and guide your team as you engage in that healthy debate (aka “functional conflict” – the good kind of conflict!) that usually results in new ideas and brilliant solutions. Doing this work ensures you’re always growing stronger as a team and becoming more efficient and productive with each new season.

It’s our pleasure to offer you a complimentary template to get the process started and begin reflecting on topics to discuss. Click here to download it.

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