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Prepare your team to debrief the 2021 season and get ready for a stellar 2022. We’re pleased to share this initial template for you to get these conversations started with your team. Click here to download this template for free. If you are interested in doing a deeper dive contact us for a free consultation.

Celebrating 2021

What valuable lessons did you learn at work in 2021?

What successes did you celebrate?

  • Individually?
  • As a Team?
  • As a Company?

What three (or more) things did you learn about yourself during the 2021 season?

What inspired you this season?

List any important projects or good ideas you started working on but didn’t get to finish this past season.

What did you or your team try in 2021 that didn’t work and that you’d recommend abandoning moving forward into 2022? What lessons can you take from those experiences?


Building a Fabulous 2022

What were some new ideas you tried in 2021 that worked great and that you recommend continuing into 2022?

How could other departments better support the work that you do? What would be helpful? What do you need from your colleagues in other departments to make you even more successful in your own role?

What new ideas do you think your winery should try?

What are new skills or cross-training experiences you’d like to develop in the 2022 season?

What advice would you give your supervisor for 2022?

What would you like to learn, accomplish, see or experience at your winery during the 2022 season that would make you feel exhilarated?

Interested in doing a deeper dive?

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