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Our Partners

Trusted Partners to Help you Grow Your Business

At Beyond the Wine we believe in the power of partnerships to create outcomes that are greater and more valuable than the sum of their parts! Through our new partnership relationships, we can offer a wider range of support and opportunities to those working in the wine/hospitality business and to those looking to deepen their enjoyment of the wonderful world of wine!

We’re constantly looking to explore new opportunities for collaboration so if you think we’re in sync then give us a shout and let’s talk!

Partner Network

We collaborate with the following exceptional organizations and professionals:

Rising Tide Consultants

Full-service Beverage and Liqour Licensing

This firm, founded by Bert Hick, has been in the business of full-service licensing since 1988. You won’t find a team that is more knowledgeable, connected, and skilled in all matters relating to the regulatory intricacies of this essential element to your beverage liquor or cannabis business.

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Good Wine Gal

Online wine events, education sessions, and in person wine tastings

Barb Wild is the Good Wine Gal. Her mission is to help anyone interested in wine to find and enjoy more “good wine” elevating the quality of celebrations and life. Barb is a highly knowledgeable wine scholar with a fabulously captivating personality. She combines those elements with a talent for virtual event production. Good Wine Gal also offers the best (and most fun) education sessions, and guided wine tastings!

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Leverage the power of partnerships with the Beyond the Wine partner network. Reach out and let's discuss how our specialized and expert partners will propel your business forward and upward.