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Have you ever felt intimidated by a wine list because of the foreign names? Have you ever resisted ordering a wine because you were afraid you couldn’t pronounce it correctly? Or as a server or tasting room team member, do you wish you could more confidently and competently pronounce the Italian grape varietals that are on your own wine list?

Trusted Tasting Room Guide

If you work at a winery, when visitors enter your tasting room, they’re putting their hopes for a great experience in your hands. They place their trust in you to guide them on a journey that may be about exploration, education or simply just recreation. It’s up to you to find out why they’re there and you don’t want to loose their trust by failing to pronounce your own wines correctly.

I lived in beautiful Parma, Italy for 14 years. While there I had the incredible privilege and great pleasure to study wine – in Italian! I recognize that there are some Italian wines that have names that may seem intimidating (or impossible) to pronounce so I have created a short video to help tasting room teams with the pronunciation of six Italian grape varietals that we find here in British Columbia.

Italian is such a beautiful language – and it’s very phonetical as you’ll see and hear in my video. So pour yourself a lovely glass of vino and join me as we Go Beyond the Wine with this mini tasting flight! Andiamo! 

Stay tuned for more Italian themed videos coming soon! This is my first attempt… so here’s hoping the tech will get slicker as we go!

If you’d like to talk more about Italian wines, BC wines or how to train your winery’s team to create a uniquely welcoming tasting room experience I’d love to hear from you!