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My mother always said: “you never know”. And I mean always. This phrase was even engraved on her business card holder! She was a true believer in the mysterious and well-intentioned ways of the Universe and instilled in me the instinct to remain open to going out on a limb and trying something new or different, to attending an event, to accepting an invitation – because you never know what amazing things could happen if you say “YES” to the Universe!

Building business connections through Zoom Coffee Meetings

I met Shannon Peel, the owner of the full-service Market A-Peel Agency, a couple of years ago at a networking event and then, as it happens, two years suddenly slipped by. I was thrilled to see her post with her new digital magazine publication, APeeling – the format was so cool and the articles were interesting and diverse. Reaching out to congratulate her led to us reconnecting and catching up over one of those now-ubiquitous Zoom coffee meetings.

As our conversation flowed, we began to talk about how we may not always be objective about assessing the extraordinary nature of our own experiences or talents. I told Shannon that I’ve been wanting to write about that very topic as it’s near and dear to my heart. “Write it!” she exclaimed! “I’ll publish it in the next edition!”. And just like that, I had committed myself to providing content for a publication. I had four weeks to submit (eeek! A deadline too!) so I started writing…and writing and writing some more.


How can your Talents best help you in business?  

My piece is about taking time to acknowledge and celebrate the gifts and lessons we accumulate along the twisty-turney, tortuous journey of our lives. It tells the story of how putting together many of my unique pieces, I was able to find clarity of purpose and combine my passions in the work I’m doing now: working with wineries to train and coach their tasting room teams and leadership teams. When we play to our strengths, we are able to share the best of ourselves!

I believe it’s worthwhile to take a moment and take stock of your unique talent, the skills you’ve developed, and the enlightening experiences you’ve had. Recognize what makes you “extraordinary”! Your self-image, attitudes, mindset, and self-efficacy will benefit! On the flip side of that coin, I’ve learned that it’s powerful to choose to frame (or eventually re-frame) the painful experiences life dishes up. If possible, considering those challenges as lessons and resilience-builders, rather than unfair hardships that will devastate us without the chance of recovery, ever. Let me be clear: I’m not saying that’s easy to do in all cases, and I definitely understand that we all have our own way of processing loss and suffering.

I am offering my story (The Extraordinary in the Ordinary) with an open heart. I invite you to read my article and all the others too in Shannon’s terrific magazine and celebrate the extraordinary in your own ordinary! If you’d like to chat about how to tap into the extra-ordinariness of you or your team – reach out today, let’s talk!