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You have the answers already! They’re in there! Life or work may be serving up some circumstances right now that are making it more difficult for you to access those solutions. A coach can help you push through the obstacles so you can reach your full potential, achieve your goals and live the life you want!

Coaching is a process of growth and evolution that takes you or your team from your current state to the one you really desire!

Tap into your natural talents and strengths to:

  • reach your goals faster
  • make better decisions
  • move through and past obstacles
  • identify alternative solutions
  • discover and explore new options
  • collaborate more effectively
  • produce more satisfying outcomes


“Everyone needs a coach”

Eric Schmidt (former Google CEO)


Challenges our Clients Face

Over the years we’ve worked with many clients each with their own different challenges. Here are some typical examples:

  • I wish my team could just get along better! As a leader, I’m frustrated because if I knew how to solve this conflict, I know our productivity would improve and people would stick around longer too!
  • We’re a new team and as we grow I want to make sure our culture stays strong
  • I want to advance in my organization but I’m having a real challenge dealing with difficult personalities, I need some new strategies to keep my career on track.
  • Significant life events have caused me to re-evaluate my goals, I need some help gaining clarity on my goals at work and in my life.
  • We’re a remote team now, as the leader I need help keeping the culture alive and the team motivated.
  • My performance review revealed areas to improve, but I’m not sure how to make those improvements.
  • I have too much on my plate and I’m feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, I know I can achieve more.
  • I just got promoted and I don’t have much leadership experience at all, I’m afraid to let my team down and I don’t want to appear weak.
  • I want an objective, outside perspective


So, what’s in it for you?

In a successful partnership with your coach, here are some of the outcomes you can expect:

  • Confidential, objective and safe environment to discuss issues that are most important to you so you can move through obstacles
  • Strategic and confidential discussions on leadership or career challenges to explore solutions, build strategies or develop action plans to accomplish your team or individual goals faster.
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning to plot a clear path toward the goals that matter most to you
  • Develop a mindset of Success and remove barriers to achieving your goals
  • Accountability partnership to keep you on track and moving forward
  • Identify your strengths and get comfortable celebrating and leveraging them
  • Develop insights and greater self-awareness to improve the quality of relationships at work and/or at home.
  • Re-connect with your true passions and create a new vision for a more satisfying future.


Ignite Pizzeria staff recently got to work with Ashli Komaryk with Komaryk Communications for a training day to boost our customer service skillset: active listening, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving. Well worth it! Thank you Ashli for your wonderful professional, compassionate, and motivating presence. We are happy to recommend you for other businesses looking to get everyone on the same page about service quality!

Jennifer WManager at Ignite Pizzeria

Ashli is an extremely positive and magnetic personality. She is easy to work with and her enthusiasm and insights have taken a group of strangers and helped us to bond as a team. The most valuable to me was learning to work with each of our personality types. Fascinating discovery that I now use in my relationships outside work as well. Ashli's teachings and insights are a must!

Kim KAsst. Tasting Room Manager, Phantom Creek Estates Winery

Ashli introduced the concept very clearly from the beginning, which set a great foundation to work on. She also provided an environment (through activities) where we got to know the other participants quickly.

Workshop Participant

Learned a lot about myself and how better to work with others. Good concrete goals and actions came out of this course experience.

Workshop Participant

I had the privilege to work with Ashli on several official high profile promotional events, in my former capacity as Italian Travel Commissioner for Canada. Her outstanding professional know-how and managerial skills have always impressed me and I am pleased to recommend her as an ideal business partner.

Enzo CMarketing Solutions for Unique Travel Products

I've taken the DiSC with the CPA program and it's probably the most accurate test I've ever taken. It did an outstanding job of figuring out what makes me tick.

Matthew PVice President, Finance, New Market Funds

Ashli is a committed professional who is a joy to work with. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. And she is very knowledgeable in people development and personality assessment. She is dedicated to the success of her clients and goes the extra mile to ensure her advice, tools and expertise are having a positive impact on her client’s business.


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