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What is “Beyond the Wine”?

A new philosophy for the tasting room. We offer a new approach to training for winery tasting room teams and leadership teams. We go beyond the training that is specific to your wines - after all, you’ve got that covered! With innovative tools and interactive exercises, we train your team in the fine art of tasting room hospitality, and in the communication techniques they need to create an authentic connection with your guests and with each other. This results in higher DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) sales, more Wine Club enrollment, greater employee engagement and retention, lifelong loyal customers and rave reviews for your winery!

About Ashli Komaryk

Ashli is a certified trainer, facilitator, and winery tasting room coach. She offers a unique blend with her international career, MBA studies, Italian Wine studies, leadership background, and her training, facilitation, and coaching expertise.
Ashli works with wineries - both tasting room teams and leadership teams - to strengthen relationships through skilled communication and personality assessments, to create effective, engaged teams and to increase profitability.